Artisanal products

Our region enjoys a mild and sunny climate for most of the year, while the River Vorno directly provides the estate with pure and fragrant water. As good stewards of the fertile land, Villa Marie proudly produces a small range of home-made local products.

Villa Marie’s delicious, or handy, artisanal products now include:

  • Superior extra-virgin olive oil: we produce up to 100 litres every year, for the sole use of Villa Marie.
  • Jams/marmalade: made from our own abundant crops of kiwis (which we also turn into a juice) or figs.
  • Limoncello: made from our own lemons, this is a popular Italian liquor with high alcohol content.
  • Ziziphus liquor: a light and coffee-tasting liquor, derived from the Ziziphus fruit (Chinese date) grown on our estate.
  • Soap: partly made from our own olive oil according to an ancient recipe, with soft water from the River Vorno.