The Gardens

The Villa Gardens

Villa Marie’s enchanting gardens are an intrinsic part of the estate’s overall attraction. When you step into our two-hectare gardens, you enter a green slice of paradise. 

Stroll in the Central Garden to enjoy the sights and smells of a classical Italian garden. Among them several fountains, hedges and cypresses – all set against an evocative panorama of Tuscan hills. Lemon trees, dotted along the central water channel, deliver the precious crops harnessed for the artisanal production of Villa Marie’s delicious juices, dried fruits and limoncello.

Expressly designed for the most special of occasions, the new Wedding Garden is a major attraction of the Villa Marie. In a romantic white marble gazebo conceived by Luc Van Marcke, happy couples may exchange their vows underneath a cascading canopy of white wisteria, surrounded by magnolia trees.

If you’re keen to explore further, you can take a peek inside our Art Garden, as well as our and Vegetable Garden. Graced with an elegant travertine fountain, the vegetable garden is a source of organically grown produce for the estate’s kitchen. 

Our chef also takes delivery of the abundant kiwis grown on the 50-metre long pergola. This healthy fruit is turned into Villa Marie’s own jams and candied fruit. Olive trees on site also produce extra-virgin olive oil every year, which mainly ends up in our chef’s scrumptious regional dishes for our valued guests.

When the sun is out or even on cooler days, you should pass through the swimming pool area. Located on the other side of the Italian Garden, it is the perfect spot for sunbathing or a leisurely swim in the large outdoor swimming pool. Lie on a comfortable bed under a stylish parasol. Relax to the max and take a sip from your refreshing cocktail.