Food & Wine

Villa Marie makes a fantastic destination for food lovers. Allow our Tuscan delicacies to bring you savoury sensations, such as truffles and mushrooms, cannellini beans, roasted or cured meats, olive oil, delicious cheeses, followed by some sweet delights, ranging from artisanal gelato to tiramisu, or almond cookies known as ‘cantucci’. 

Tuscany is equally renowned for its sublime red wines, especially those made from the noble Sangiovese grape. Thousands of tourists flock to the region to enjoy Tuscan specialities such as Chianti, as well as Vino Nobile di Montepulciano or Brunello di Montalcino. Hop in your car or take a guided tour to the Tuscan wineries producing these distinctive wines. Very close to our estate, you can also discover an incredible organic red wine called ‘Lavandaia, Madre’. 

Our chef and service staff are well used to cooking dishes guaranteed to excite your tastebuds. At Villa Marie, we naturally follow Tuscany’s culinary traditions – centered around simple recipes with fresh and top-quality ingredients, some of which are grown in our vegetable garden.

For your convenience, Villa Maries offers a complimentary breakfast buffet delivered every morning to the villa. Chef in Villa service can be requested for lunch or dinner with an extra charge applied. A menu sample is provided when you make a booking, but we can adjust menus to almost any request.

Our estate also boasts its own professional wine cellar, in the cool basement space under the Villa. Our sommelier will be more than delighted to guide you in your wine selection if you want to toast happiness or just enjoy a few glasses of the ‘nectar of the gods’ down by our pool. You can also experience a wine tasting directly in the Villa.

Dinner with the Chef

Indulge in a unique dining experience at our villa, featuring a talented chef from the region. Savour a mouthwatering dinner showcasing local ingredients and garden- fresh produce. Immerse yourself in the flavors of the area as our chef crafts a menu that embodies the culinary heritage of the region. Join us for an unforgettable evening of authentic and exquisite dining.


Homemade pizza

Wine tasting

Cooking classes

Embark on a culinary journey during our immersive cooking classes, where guests and our chef delve into the art of transforming fresh local ingredients from the “orto” into mouthwatering, authentic Tuscan and Italian dishes.


Wine Cellar

Artisanal products

Villa Marie today has an exclusive range of artisanal products, all harvested from the estate’s own-grown fruit or olives. Products are hand-crafted on site and available in our little boutique shop. Enjoy these artisanal goodies during your stay with us. Or take some home as special gifts or souvenirs for your colleagues and loved ones.