Tuscany claims an incredible cultural heritage. From Etruscan times through the Renaissance and to the current day, the region has forged some of the world’s greatest artists, architects, sculptors and writers. They draw inspiration from the region’s natural beauty, rich history, UNESCO-listed cities and towns, and artistic treasures. All of these are yours to explore at your own pace or with expert guidance, across Tuscany or Italian cities farther afield, anytime you stay with us.

Villa Marie also aspires to promote art, culture and entertainment from its home region. Our small amphitheatre is capable of seating 80 to 150 people, making it ideal for all your concerts or parties. Thrill to the sounds of a lovely classical music ensemble on a sultry summer evening. Dance the night away under a silvery moon, accompanied by a live DJ. Or enjoy some hearty local fare at an outdoor banquet, right under the main pergola.

Art aficionados are welcome to visit the Art Garden, a new addition to the Villa Marie’s facilities. Designed especially for artists, this garden allows the exhibition of works that blend in with the estate and its surroundings.